Aspirating Smoke Detection


VESDA is recognized as the market leader in early warning smoke detection systems and delivers a high standard of smoke detection technology to a diverse range of well recognized global corporations.

The VESDA product line includes Detectors, Programmers, Displays, Remote Devices, Systems Management Software, Design Software, Power Supplies, Pipe and Fittings, and a complete assembly of support material.

VESDA early smoke detection systems provide the advantage of a “wider window of opportunity.” All fires have four stages: Incipient (pre-combustion), Visible Smoke, Flaming Fire, and Intense Heat. This chart shows the progression of fire over a time period.

The incipient stage of smouldering fires provides the widest window of opportunity to detect and control the spread of fire. VESDA smoke detectors can be configured to generate multiple alarms within this window, to provide the time needed to help minimize or prevent fire loss.

All VESDA systems incorporate a modular design that permits a multitude of configurations so ATP can meet your requirements.


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