The STRYKER BF 5062 Pre-Engineered Foam Fire Suppression System is designed for Installation on Mobile and Transportable Equipment.

The STRYKER system is AS 5062 -2006 compliant with and approved by active fire with the listing number afp-2423.

STRYKER Fire Suppression Systems are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards demanded in the mining, construction, transport, and forestry industries.

STRYKER systems achieve their impressive fire suppression capabilities through the combination of foam discharged in the form of a finely atomized spray. Strategically positioned nozzles direct the high velocity foam spray and provide “three dimensional” fire fighting properties, allowing the system to suppress pressure fires in a ruptured fuel or hydraulic line. Once discharged, the foam is effective in suppressing spill or pool fires which may result from the collection or leakage of fuel. Every system design begins with a thorough risk assessment of the equipment to be protected. This ensures that all fuel and ignition sources are identified and assessed for protection.

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